Teen Services


Are you a teen who doesn’t know where to turn, can’t “fit-in”, life doesn’t make sense, upset at your mom/dad/, angry at the world, feeling pressure from everywhere and everyone, where your feelings and emotions can not only vary day to day, but hour to hour?

Or are you a parent trying to deal with and understand your teen going through all these issues on top of all the life issues you, as a parent, are going through?  Optimum Counselor is here to help!

Parents, remember when you were a teenager and how it felt?  Many of the same issues ring true still today, but many things have drastically changed especially where technology is concerned.  How do you and your teen handle these changes between generations when it’s all so new for everyone?  Often times what happens is either a parent becomes too much like a “friend” to their teen, a parent is overbearing, overprotective (think helicopter), lets the teen “run wild” or is the strict authoritarian, to which none are helpful to either the parent or teen.  So how do you not run the risk of falling into one of these categories making matters worse?  Come to Optimum Counselor to find out how both you and your teen can balance out their life changes of becoming more autonomous without running the risk of being “too anything”