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Relationship ServicesRELATIONSHIPS

Do you find yourself struggling with getting along with your friends, family, partner, or co-workers? Are there patterns of behaviors seeming to repeat themselves with certain types of people in your life?  Do you have problems with saying no, saying yes, rejection, boundary issues, vulnerability issues, fears of commitment/intimacy, sexual issues, abuse, power and control,  speaking your mind, have social phobias, have no friends, have friends but not sure if their genuine, not sure why you choose the people in your life, even though you “know better”?

Well, Optimal Counselor is here to help empower you to surround yourself with people in your life who love you, support you and fulfill your life.  You will be able to send the proper messages to other both verbally and non-verbally to attract who you want in your life by using your Mind, Body and Spirit.

If you need some help with Optimizing your relationships call Optimum Counselor today at 407-733-3317!