Are you having to take care of your parents and children along with balancing out your career and personal needs, fitting into the “sandwich generation” and don’t know how to handle it all?

Do you have an internal conflict with what you want in your life, but you feel obligated to someone else or possibly an entire family, but you feel your family disapproves.

Do you feel no matter what you do, you can’t do anything right in the eyes of others close to you?

These examples and many others can make it difficult to make good choices for you without feeling you “lose” out with others you love and cherish.  Optimum Counselor can help you to live the life you want without having to feel you have to choose between losing yourself and losing your loved ones or meaningful relationships.  Call 407-733-3317 to schedule and appointment with Optimum Counselor to help find that loving balance within you and outside of you!