Adult Services


Using the approach of Mind, Body and Spirit(whole person health) Optimum Counselor assists you in finding your Optimal self when obstacles throw you off track.

Some de-railers I can help you with are: depression, anger, stress, anxiety, sleep issues exercise, nutrition, weight management, trauma, grief/loss, sexual abuse, phobias, addictions, spiritual/purpose/passion, conflict/dispute resolution, marriage/divorce/custody, infidelity/intimacy issues, career, work, conflict resolution, problem/solution, pregnancy, communication, domestic abuse/violence, drug abuse, women’s/men’s issues, eating disorders, adjustment issues, ADHD, OCD, PTSD, multicultural/diversity, prejudices/discrimination, racial issues, crisis intervention, impulsivity, mood and personality disorders, and more.


If any of these have stuck or not allowing your Optimal self to shine through schedule a session today by calling 407-733-3317!