Just being conscious of the fact that you are exercising can lead to better fitness.  A HarvardUniversity study, published in a February 2007 issue of Psychological Science, tracked the health of 84 female room attendants working in seven different hotels and found that those who recognized their work as exercise experienced significant health benefits.

The women were separated into two groups:  One learned how their work fulfilled the recommendations for daily activity levels, while the other (the control group) went about work as usual.  Although neither group changed its behavior, the women who were conscious of their activity level experienced a significant drop in weight, blood pressure, body fat, waist-to-hip ratio and body-mass index in just four weeks.  The control group experienced no improvements, despite engaging in the same physical activities.

The study illustrates how profoundly a person’s attitude can affect their physical well-being.  So, if your daily routine keeps you on the move, start thinking of it as exercise.  It may be enough to move you toward your fitness goals.  (Experience Life magazine, May 2008)