Finding A Way


By Eric Wettstein, Optimum Counselor

Often times in life we come upon situations where we don’t know what to do, where to turn or how to deal with events that seem to be beyond our capabilities or out of our control.  The next time you stumble upon something tough to handle don’t think of it as a barrier, but as an opportunity to create a whole new life path for yourself.  Think for a minute about how our mind really works and you will always… Find Your Way.


It doesn’t matter what challenges came before…  find a way.

It doesn’t matter what challenges lie ahead…  find a way.

It doesn’t matter what challenges are occurring now…   find a way.

You see, whatever happened to you in the past, whatever difficulties may currently be in your path, and whatever obstacle you are currently facing– proof is–You’re still here!  You’re still strong!  And you have the strength to carry on!

Because…you found a way.




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