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Eric Wettstein has been in the Health and Wellness field with over 25 years of experience with an emphasis in Whole Person Health, Wellness Counseling & Consulting.

He is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with the state of Florida Health Department (License # 14617), specializes in addiction and substance abuse,  has an M.A. in Mental Health Counseling from Webster University, a B.S. in Exercise Physiology from the University of Massachusetts Boston, has an A.S in Aerospace Technology from the USAF, has been a Health & Performance Consultant & Wellness Manager with Florida Hospital, a Fitness Center Manager at several locations around the globe, a certified personal trainer by ACE, a certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist by NSCA, a Nutritionist, Life Coach, Speaker and Author.

He trained and worked with Cardiologists performing Cardiovascular procedures for Harvard’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital and TuftsMedicalCenter.  He also helped develop a study for the National Institute for Health (NIH) to prevent bed-rest induced muscle atrophy.  The results were related for astronauts and the effects of space flight for NASA and their mission to Mars.  He is a United States Air Force veteran who served his country as an Aerospace Engineer.

Eric continues to see clients with various mental, emotional, physical and spiritual issues and is passionate about helping others achieve their optimal self through mind, body and spirit.

 Blue Line


To promote and provide optimal wellness living services through whole person health by using one’s mind, body and spirit.


“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” -Nelson Mandela


  1. Optimism:  We optimize your personal power to achieve your true potentially fulfilling ultimate life.
  2. Trust:  We honor the spirit and intent of our commitments and promises, demonstrating consistency between our actions and our words.
  3. Empowerment:  We empower you to take initiative and give your very best everyday.
  4. Balance:  We help you maintain and excel with a healthy life and work balance.
  5. Authenticity:  We have the highest credibility and genuineness to help you capture your true essence from within.
  6. Abundance:  We help you to attract more of what you want in your life and exponentially expands to fulfill your true greatness.
  7. Awareness:  Having the presence of mind of what you perceive and feel in your life and your surroundings.
  8. Peace:  Calming oneself to realize the vastness of your life.
  9. Respect:  Giving due respect to self and others and maintain an environment of personal growth.  We treat others with dignity, valuing and benefiting from personal differences.
  10. Honor:  We hold you to the highest regard by live up to the highest of values and assist you in aligning and living yours.
  11. Dignity:  We hold you worthy of esteem and respect in all who you are.
  12. Passion:  Putting your heart, mind and soul into every living moment of your life.
  13. Hope:  A commitment for you to expect to gain the highest confidence towards your life’s fulfillment.
  14. Love:  Bringing you joy and empowering you to achieve the greatest of your desires.
  15. Legacy:  Power of handing down our best selves to continue providing abundance to those dearest to us.
  16. Inspiration:  Inspiring you to become your truest self.
  17. Belong:  Belonging to something greater than yourself.
  18. Energy:  Energizing you to complete your life’s purpose.